NYC desktop backgrounds

Don't have the time or money to visit New York?
Live in New York, but you're too busy to look up? presents these desktop backgrounds for your viewing pleasure - press your mouse button over a picture you might enjoy, and when it blows up, figure out how to make it your desktop pattern for Windows, Macintosh or Linux!

Then whenever you clear all your windows, you will have a brief glimpse of something from the capital of the world.

index.html Happy Muhammed the all-beef hotdog salesman from 61st and Broadway!
index.html A mosaic from the Canal street subway station, cropped and blown up so it's art. (alternate)
index.html Observe signs of a downturned economy - Gray's Papaya offering a recession special on hot dogs and fruit shakes. (alternate)
index.html from the Whitney BitStreams exhibit: Diana Thater's NASA sunsplash RGB/CMY piece illegally photographed and then slightly retouched. But we didn't touch the colors in those monitors! Candy!
index.html A hip and fresh uplifting graffitihead from the SoHo area.
index.html All the excitement as if you were waiting for the subway at 3.30am!
index.html Walking down the street and discovering a fountain of youth: The Velvet Girls
index.html The New York skyline visible by night from Brooklyn, without any of that clarity that you have to suffer through when you use a tripod.

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