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august 2001
Home Again, Home Again

Old friend Vagabond Jim, cum James Home, celebrated two years with Kristie his lady married. They had friends over for some fun and a pinata. I brought my friend Sanae visiting from Japan, and I spent most of the night talking to people I knew as opposed to meeting some of the neat looking new folks mingling about.

Here are some photos from that evening; my insistence on no-flash meant for mostly blurry ghostly images, not at all the thick tangible souls flitting about that night.

Abbe and Eve. These two folks talked to Sanae at some length; it was nice to hear they got along. I like talking to Abbe, though we were inclined to conversation that seemed to me a bit too deep and linear for the surroundings and peergroup. I couldn't help myself.

Brian and Beckstar share a tender moment.

Coz and his daughter. She was the life of the party - running about announcing herself as the fairy godmother, and annointing other guests as role-players in a rich drama of her invention. She didn't take kindly to the camera, and I think her Dad was tired.

Ellyvating as Oof looks on.

Allison, Jim and Tricia looking cool. We had just been looking over Allison's disposable camera photos from her months spent travelling in Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand. Jim joined us briefly for this photo.

It was nice to see Jim's work environment; he's a lively fellow with unusual passions and his sparsely decorated though still unsettling office reflects that. Aside from bones and strange old technology, on his desk are about four lighters that only he can figure out, and his correspondence with the San Francisco Department of Transportation.


August 2001

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