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Tuesday, 4 March - link

SXSW: Geek Out

There are so many web pages now, and so many people are using packaged software to express their thoughts. You have a million small presses running, and most of them print pages with a left-hand navigation bar. I have changed my front page a number of times - hacking web pages to figure out the best way to express the data of my soul. What are some alternatives to the current reverse-chronological structure of web sites?

I thought I might use the South by SouthWest Interactive conference this month to find out. At South by SouthWest everyone is local for a day in a place that values cheap beer, live music and thick barbeque sauce. At its best, the conference encourages fun, loose lips, open minds and accessible genius.

I asked to have some time in the schedule to give the audience a chance to present web sites. Five minutes to explain the site, followed by some rapid-fire feedback from the audience. First impressions. Interface ideas. Housekeeping tips! Think of it as peer review for a short-attention span peer group. It's not enough time to develop deep critique, but it should be a good way to scan different approaches to sharing information online.

So Monday, between 3:30 and 5 or 6 pm I'm leading the "Geek Out" session. If you're in Austin, come on by and share your link!

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