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Tuesday, 18 March - link

Overnight Mail

Between 11.30pm and 9.30am I got 116 pieces of email. This is a time when most of my correspondents are sleeping - except for a bit of NBR's Japan forum, keitai-l and updates from the FCCJ, the overnight mail is primarily spam. I've had the same email address, "justin@bud.com," posted on the web for nine years, I think it has been pulled into many spam mailing lists that way. I run no spam filters - it's just not a technology to which I've adapted myself. Maybe it's time I started - downloading spam on the road can be very painful. But losing a message from a friend would be ever more-so. I'm the human filter now, and it's a bit slow. But I do get to see all of the business of the web flow by, a million unsavory or unwitting entrepeneurs from around the world angling for a few dollars or my attention.

Of the 116, I deleted 74 right off the bat (and three more meaty spam bits caught later). Most of the 30+ mailing list messages I won't read, but I'll save for a few weeks. If I neglect to delete it after that time, those messages will join the many molding megabytes, archives.

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