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commentson 19 March 2003 : 18:56, Paul G sez:

Pictures and a photographer's commentary from the last go 'round. *graphic*

commentson 19 March 2003 : 19:48, christian sez:

Christian civilization (US-style) vs. Evil: 1:0!

Watch the re-match! Coming to your television or a 'target of oportunity' in your neighbourhood right now!

From Germany, with love :-)

commentson 19 March 2003 : 20:34, jack sez:

it's cheat enabled and bush has got allweapons and god mode on. meanwhile, the iraqi people go about their business and the birds are singing in Baghdad this morning for at least a little while.
this will by sickening.

commentson 20 March 2003 : 00:37, Mike Mc sez:

Is it just me, or was the deadline for Saddam to go into exile timed to hit the evening news bulletins?

commentson 20 March 2003 : 08:46, toph sez:

consider listening to KPFA instead of "watching" CNN

commentson 20 March 2003 : 12:14, Les sez:

Here check out thics is a web-log and it will freak you out!

GOd-mode...that is so true.
Somoeone should make a level to look like Baghdad..

commentson 20 March 2003 : 12:50, dominic sez:

when I get really fed up, playing Two Towers and Vice City helps get the aggression out.

the speed of games helps me take in more information as we all learn at a tremendous pace about the costs of war.

what went wrong? is the web not mightier than the sword?

at a time like this, one must remain lighthearted, and write even more for peace.

commentson 20 March 2003 : 12:57, Keith sez:

Hi Justin,
just wanted to tell you that I have been following your site since the beginning. I think you were still at Swarthmore??. Anyway I have always enjoyed reading your work and was inspired to set-up a few of my own sites by your page on HTML.

I am a 40 yr old Building contractor in South Jersey and still find time to read a few articles online. Yours is always one of them.

I especially enjoy your writing when you were in Japan. My wife is Asian ( half Korean and half Italian) and I took an interest in the Asian culture when I met her and she began to expose me to her lifestyle.

commentson 21 March 2003 : 19:04, Timothy Burke sez:

The CNN coverage is pretty wretched.

Check out I'm actually finding his roundup vastly better than CNN, except for the pictures.

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