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commentson 29 September 2003 : 08:45, Tibor sez:


congratulations on your purchase. i do enjoy reading your blog a lot, but your impressive pictures enhances the quality of your weblog a lot.

i carry my (now quite old) canon ixus most of the time with me and shoot almost everything. im interested especially in ordinary very day scenes.

so, you can say that im happy that you threw out 500$ for a nice camera, too. :-)

commentson 29 September 2003 : 14:16, Keith sez:

I use a Sony DSC-S75. Paid $ 500.00 for it about 18 months or so ago. I love it. It takes a nice video clip too.
3.3 megapixel, 10x Carl Zeiss Vario sonar lens and a whole bunch of other stuff that I am too lazy to type out.
I think they are around $ 350-$ 400.00 NOW.
Just my 2 cents,

commentson 29 September 2003 : 17:51, Joey sez:

This is off topic but I've been reaching either Jane's or Justin's page from whoever's page I opened first but their loving links to each other's pages are removed and I am concerned about the implications of this. heart is breaking for you guys. Or am I overdramatizing? It wouldn't be beyond me.

commentson 29 September 2003 : 18:45, per sez:


The hints are there, he is no longer listed as family on her site, she is no longer linked at the top of his, and one of her last entries certainly made it seem that way.

If that is the case and it was any way against her will, I am going to boycott this site permanently. Imposing tragedy upon tragedy would be just too horrific.

-A longtime reader

commentson 30 September 2003 : 17:02, Sandy sez:

Justin and Jane may be taking a breather. When you
lose a loved one it can lead to complicated feelings.
Try not to be too judgemental.

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