Comments on Triple Teamed at Barber DoDo
commentson 13 October 2003 : 04:36, Liz sez:

That massage sounds like heaven. It reminds me of the QiGong massage I get in NYC. I can't believe what they do for so little money!

commentson 13 October 2003 : 05:32, Atsuko sez:

Okay, I should plan a trip to Seoul.

commentson 13 October 2003 : 07:15, C(h)ristine sez:

There's a Korean style massage place in Santa Clara/San Jose on Lawrence Expwy.

It's funny how the best massage I've ever had is also overseas (mine was in Brazil). Massages tend to be a whole lot cheaper and more vigorous outside the U.S. Or is it just me?

commentson 13 October 2003 : 09:47, Mark sez:

Wow, wish i could get a massage like that in wales.

commentson 13 October 2003 : 10:45, Lulu sez:

After I left Oakland in July, I went up to Harbin hot springs thinking I would relax and let water touch me to fill the deficit of affectionate touch I'd been running from traveling outside the company of anyone I could cuddle with. The water didn't really work though - there's no replacement for people. Over and over I realize how important contact is to me - its lack is probably my single biggest source of depression. That first touch from anyone when you're thirsting for it is the definition of exquisite.

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