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commentson 20 October 2003 : 21:57, gen sez:

ugh, Gamasutra wants me to register and log in...

commentson 20 October 2003 : 22:14, Howard sez:

Dude! I hunger and thirst after righteousness, and after Justin Hall, long may he wave!

commentson 21 October 2003 : 08:04, C(h)ristine sez:

Sorry to hear you're sick -- what is it about Seoul? Weren't you sick there last time, too? Or was it just freezing cold.

commentson 21 October 2003 : 13:30, alison sez:

i find it interesting that post break-up your posts have remained, for the most part, quite unemotional. i am not in any way saying that your viewing public is entitled to feel what you are going through these days, but i myself, possibly wrongly so, blamed jane for the cold turn your site had taken over the past couple years. reading her heartfelt posts as of late, i am beginning to think that it was you, not jane, who opted to stop putting their heart on-line. not a criticism, just an observance...
hope you are doing well.

commentson 21 October 2003 : 16:55, Taylor sez:

I agree with alison on this issue.

commentson 21 October 2003 : 17:06, Bileu sez:

yeah tell me about it. i miss the old justin who would go off about amy or chendra...makes for more interesting subject matter. Don't mean to be a bitchy critic but you do put yourself in the public sphere. to each their own. later

commentson 21 October 2003 : 19:31, Taylor sez:

I agree with alison on this issue.

commentson 21 October 2003 : 23:29, Rudy sez:

Any observance worth posting once...

Some people tighten up or go inside, others let go or spread outside, and still others do neither or both. Trying to explain silence is often a short bus to guessville.

commentson 22 October 2003 : 00:30, Brad sez:

apparently allison found it very interesting :)

commentson 22 October 2003 : 05:07, nimrod sez:

i have to agree with alison about the lack of emotions in the last months, i have no idea about jane's page because i hardly ever read it... (shame on me)

BUT, basically i was looking for someone who could help me out on my search for the movie "HOMEPAGE"! i saw it on TV a couple of years ago, loved it and started searching for it but i couldn't find it...
pleeaaaaaaaaaase, i need your help :)

thx in advance,

commentson 22 October 2003 : 09:17, melanie sez:

i thought vitamin c negated the positive aspects of zinc on your system.

commentson 23 October 2003 : 11:08, Howard sez:

Maybe some of Justin's liasons are less enthusiastic than others about having details of their lives available on Justin's website, and maybe that puts Justin in a tough position when he is pressed about why.

commentson 23 October 2003 : 16:27, alison sez:

I completely agree and understand that it was jane's right to keep her personal life personal. my point is that in the short post-jane period, she has been much more open and personal than justin, which surprises me. we all deal with grief differently, and i am not judging, just observing, as i have been doing on for years and years and years.

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