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commentson 27 October 2003 : 15:23, Timothy Burke sez:

Ah-hah. Thought that might be it.

I got it across my chest when I was about 25. DAMN painful.

The flare-up is thought to be related to stress in some cases.

commentson 27 October 2003 : 15:35, Liz sez:

I was wondering what the diagnosis was. I have heard of people getting herpes on the face. That IV will clear you up in no time, you should be just fine for London. Maybe take some oral Acyclovir might be a good idea?

commentson 27 October 2003 : 15:51, alison sez:

glad to hear that you are well on your road to recovery. take the prescribed days off and be as lazy as you want, and then some,completely guilt free. sounds like you need it.

commentson 27 October 2003 : 19:29, zod sez:

you dirty, dirty scrape. that's what you get for not showering regularly!

commentson 27 October 2003 : 20:25, jim sez:

Justin, do you type in the dvorak layout? unrelated... just wondering

commentson 27 October 2003 : 20:58, lulu sez:

I strongly recommend you wash your Acyclovir down with astragalus to improve your immune system. I would also suggest you start smoking pot, knitting, playing ADOM, or something to keep you occupied and at a low stress level while you recover. Vitamin C & l-Lysine wouldn't hurt either.

commentson 27 October 2003 : 21:01, john tv sez:

Glad to hear it's not an alien or something. Get better soon!

commentson 28 October 2003 : 01:04, terry sez:

ambien is the dog's. you'll sleep beautifully, but if you want some fun, try it with alcohol and/or coffee. one warning: don't use it for too long, or you may never sleep again.

commentson 28 October 2003 : 01:08, Mathias sez:

Oh its nice to hear some good news for once, Justin. Hope everything works out until your trip over to London.

commentson 28 October 2003 : 12:03, olivia sez:

how the hell do you do it, justin? i am in awe of your collection of bizarre ailments. you need a section with all the old favourites in there, remember that time your wanger swelled up to like three times it's normal size???

commentson 28 October 2003 : 12:55, Don Wrege sez:

(I wish my wanger would swell up to three times its normal size.)

GET WELL JUSTIN! Calm down, get drunk, smoke weed and stop playing those video games. You KNOW they cause stress don't you?


commentson 28 October 2003 : 16:50, mike sez:

Gosh, I sure hope you get well. Pardon the awkward nature of this question, but does this mean herpes can be transmitted by means that aren't sexual. I've got a similar break-out. I'm super stressed, but I haven't been getting any recently.

Perhaps I should wander over to WebMD and not bother you all with this. Get well.

commentson 29 October 2003 : 02:51, denise sez:

i'm glad you figured out the problem. just follow your doctor's orders and you'll be fine in no time. i've found that true relaxation can come from guided meditations. there are lots of cds out there. they can also not just help you relax while listening to them, but establish key words or actions that can reduce stressful situations when you encounter them. for instance, i've conditioned myself to begin relaxing when i rub my forefinger and thumb together. it becomes an almost pavlovian response to whatever stimulus you come up with.

commentson 29 October 2003 : 16:15, robin sez:

I agree with Lulu. The l-Lysine will help keep sores and such at bay. But the best medicine is relaxation. Calm thoughts, warm thoughts. Sleep, dear.

commentson 30 October 2003 : 07:00, Camilo sez:

Don't you find it a letdown, after you have concocted all kind of doomsday scenarios for your bumpy head, and here comes a doctor and tells you that you are only suffering of a mild virus attack. And related to common stress, just like the rest of the mortals!
Hope you get well soon.

commentson 6 November 2003 : 23:23, jim sez:

I've had exactly the same thing on my forehead and another time under my eyebrow and on my eyelid - which was excruciating. Although wearing a patch was kinda fun...

It was eventually diagnosed as a strain of herpes and I had a similar treatment regimen as you.

Although you probably know already once you've had it it's there to stay and (for me ) is brought on by too many late nights, not eating properly coupled with bright sunshine or irritating chemicals (often in shampoos)

I recognise an onset from a tingling sensation under the skin. Then I hit it with Acyclovir ointment every couple of hours or carmex - a lip ointment which comes in a yellow lidded pot (in New Zealand anyway)

That together with lots of sleep and taking it easy seem to be best.

Anyhow, hope it clears up quickly. Hope to not see any pics of you with an eyepatch posted.

commentson 11 November 2003 : 23:36, Mikintree Jones sez:

My mother had shingles on her head a couple weeks ago. Then she woke up and one eye wouldn't close. It turns out that it got into her 7th cranial nerve and caused Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Half her face is paralysed. Her speaking voice is affected, she can't smile on one half of her face, and the eyelid still won't shut. The latter is particularly problematic, since the eye doesn't get lubricated. You have to constantly put eyedrops in it and tape it up at night. You can't be out in any wind with the eye open. If you slip up and a patch of the cornea dries out, you could lose your sight. The prognosis for this paralysis improving is very bad. A related condition, Bell's palsy, has a better prognosis.

commentson 13 April 2004 : 04:46, Shann sez:

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