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commentson 3 December 2003 : 18:22, Liz sez:

Hey Justin!
I'm a Sag (Dec.9th) and I can totally relate when you talk about feeling like things changed on there own. For the past four years (I was there for 7) I hated my job, as you may recall. Then through no fault of my own, it was gone. I was thrilled. I have finished 1 college degree and set out to work on another, when I was presented with FREE training classes that, believe or not, seem interesting. It seems like the planets (or something not of this world) run our lives. Control is an illusion. One option is we like minded folks can pull together in an effort to do the work we love. When I was 28, I thought I should have it all figured out, hell, I was just getting started!

commentson 3 December 2003 : 21:48, sid sez:

I know exactly how you feel (I think) re: when people ask how you're doing. You're tempted for a moment to launch into an hourlong spiral of your thoughts, insecurities, angst and internal debate, but then you just smile, say "OK," and continue with your internal noise.
I just try to keep breathing, turn off the brain a bit and feel. That shouldn't be hard, but it usually is.
I wish you luck.

commentson 3 December 2003 : 22:45, jane sez:

i love you justin.

commentson 3 December 2003 : 23:22, Mathias sez:

uuuh. That Alli sounds scary.. like a gipsy-fortune-teller or something, forseeing your past and your future.

commentson 4 December 2003 : 08:14, jon sez:

You have a uniquely California existence.

commentson 4 December 2003 : 10:25, madsax sez:

Hey Justin,
Glad to hear you're open to advice from astrology - there's a lot of wisdom to be gained there, whether it's direct wisdom or wisdom reflected through your own thoughts as you're getting a reading. Great stuff! You might also try getting a Tarot reading if you haven't done that - they generally have a very similar impact, reflecting your life and thoughts through an array of archetypes.
With your significant emphasis in Sag, seems like one of your particular areas of enjoyment could be the distillation of your travel adventures and innerspace adventures into forms that you can relate to others. Writing articles sure seems to fit with that.
I agree with HR, though. You need a dream! Trust that it will come. The Saturn return is a powerful time. Listen to yourself and give yourself the time, space, and confidence to explore your heart's desire.
It sounds like something you're probably pretty good at. :)

commentson 4 December 2003 : 10:55, mike sez:


You seem to be saying that you're in a slump. Don't know if I would agree with that, but if you are, it hasn't been going on for very long as of now.

Why not rest and relax a little? Chill. If you recognize that you're a young man without a dream, then it means you actually do have many latent dreams. These are hard and competitive times, but cream always rises to the top.

And okay... I'll be the one to say it... I hope you don't take astrology too seriously. You're open minded enough to pick and choose what's useful to you, but my opinion is that the position of the planets at the moment of your birth has about as much to do with your fate as the given position of all airborne 747s.

commentson 4 December 2003 : 11:26, Nat sez:

"Cosmit ctrl-alt-del"? C'mon, J-man - that analogy is WAY outdated what with everybody running 2K or XP now - all that command does is bring up a lil' window with funny buttons. How about "cosmic power cycle"?

commentson 4 December 2003 : 12:10, m sez:

Great things are afoot in our world these days and big changes are being perpetrated for both good and chaos by those we do not yet know of. The under-currents of these events are gathering about you right now. Our part in all of this will be crucial. You must see now the patterns in society that the hindsight of history will let our descendents judge us by. For proof of these random words, look to the previous centure where untold millions died and suffered through viral like infections of ideas of various flavors of ideology. Now ideas can spread instantly across the whole world.
May your thoughts and action contribute to the well being of all sentinet beings.

commentson 4 December 2003 : 14:42, Don Wrege sez:

A Man Without a Dream
(Gerry Goffin/Carole King)

Vocals: Davy Jones (Monkees)

With the music of life
My soul is out of tune
And I feel like I'm growing old
Much too soon
My love I just couldn't compare
And the key to my happiness
I let slip away

Now I'm a man without a dream
I've got a heart that has no home
All my senses are numb
Loosing you I've become
A man without a dream

Instead of striving to reach my goals in life
I got distracted with mean, endless games
For just an illusion I traded love that was real
Now my eyes cannot see and my heart cannot feel


Sometimes I think I'm a prisoner of fate
Doomed to find out things a little too late
And so I must play this broken man's roll
Unless you come home girl
And bring back my soul


Without a dream...


And I said "Look here brother
Who you jiving with that cosmik debris?
Now what kind of a guru are you, anyway?
Look here brother, don't waste your time on me"

"Cosmik Debris" - Frank Zappa

commentson 5 December 2003 : 11:54, Joao Paglione sez:


This week I had to take a TAXI CAB from my work back home. The driver immediately asked me my age. I responded 24. He said, "YOU WERE BORN ON THE YEAR OF THE GOAT!" DO YOU REALIZE WHAT THIS MEANS??

The year of the goat was 1979, I am an Aires, and 2003 is also the year of the goat.

Now, I get it!!

commentson 6 December 2003 : 18:23, justin sez:

There's so many belief systems at work in the world. What if all of them are true? I have tried dismissing all of them. And I've tried just a bit of blind devotion. I think I'm best studying nearly anything and then picking and choosing symbol-sets and languages to describe myself metaphysically. This still leaves the question of inconcievable faith unanswered - I love faith, I faith love. La la la!

commentson 8 December 2003 : 21:06, C(h)ristine sez:

I love this astrology shit! I have a couple of psychics in my life myself, and they've done some readings and predictions on disturbing accuracy.

You're brave however -- to post your fortunes and astrology information in public. That's some stuff that makes you very vulnerable!

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