Comments on Packing my Rocks for the Misty Mountain
commentson 14 January 2004 : 10:33, dr. ruth sez:

You guys should be careful in cold weather... over-exerting yourself could be dangerous. Might want to wait for warmer weather before going out. I admire your spunk, however. Just be careful next time.

commentson 14 January 2004 : 14:21, joe sez:


"carve and polish stone pieces"?

Got a picture of one?

It's cold here too. -35 F windchill factor kinda cold.

later man

commentson 14 January 2004 : 15:17, Liz sez:

You to have such a nice friendship, your actually more like family.

commentson 14 January 2004 : 16:50, Damanda sez:

You look like TRON in the first photo.

commentson 14 January 2004 : 18:37, James sez:

Justin, you forgot to take the sticker off ("Fits Over Glasses")!

Otherwise, cool shades.

It must be nice up there.

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