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commentson 1 March 2004 : 21:55, Damanda sez:

OH GOD how i love the English Breakfast! I've tried and tried to recreate it here, but it just isnt' the same. It isn't even the same at the Ye Olde Kings Head english pub in santa monica.
Where is your brother collecting this list of things to do before people die? One thing that is on my list is to ride in a blimp. Do you know anyone that can hook that up?

commentson 2 March 2004 : 09:07, Judy sez:

Great photos, Justin. More stories from Paris? I love the travel tidbits you share.
So glad Justin Tokyo will still be available. The best offbeat Tokyo guidebook ever. In fact, I think you should creat a whole line of Just In....guidebooks from your world travels.

commentson 2 March 2004 : 10:12, Liz sez:

Great pics Justin. My thoughts are as follows...your bro speaks French very well, I love Vic's scarf, and the Cafe du Flore tea set is gorgeous.

Also, Judy has a great idea there.

commentson 2 March 2004 : 11:18, Mike sez:

Putting Lancaster "north of London" is like saying Seattle is north of Miami, relatively speaking.

Glad to hear you seemed to enjoy London though, next time you are in England, you should head further north; we are much friendlier up here.

commentson 2 March 2004 : 14:00, Wendy sez:

Please excuse my shallowness...

Wow. Your brother has gotten better looking as the years have passed. He is hot.

commentson 2 March 2004 : 14:56, Howard sez:

Did you smoke the bowl of tobacco before or after you got sick and had to take to your bed?

commentson 2 March 2004 : 15:24, justin sez:

Hah - great question Howard. I didn't get very far through it. A few puffs out my mouth. Nothing very Gandalfian. A bit of a woozy high though. I didn't take it into my lungs. I think pipe smoking looks smashing, but I'm not cut out for it. Maybe if I can learn to sit still. I did see a middle aged woman in Paris driving her car and smoking a pipe. That was hot.

Judy - I'd love to write more Just In Tokyo type guidebooks for cities. It's great fun. But the "where is the restaurant, does it accept credit cards, what days is it open" part of writing those guidebooks is hell. I'd rather write essays about a place, instead of tracking down specific and shifting information about restaurants and hotels.

And I think I'd have to spend more time in each of these places. Tokyo I was in for about eight months before I wrote the guide. I haven't spent that much time in another city. Maybe I'll do a year in another country every other year! Or something like that. It's a bit difficult to structure life to work around that. But I expect it will never get easier, at least for me.

commentson 2 March 2004 : 20:56, Judy sez:

That's what interns are for Justin. And the kind of info that is really easy to find and changes so fast. Just In Tokyo has real info as I recall.

commentson 4 March 2004 : 09:44, benj sez:

justin! number 1, i liked your essay for world dance forms on the history of dancing. i never did get to really let loose with you in berkeley/oakland... too bad. one thing we have in common is faith in the importance of dancing hard.

i was in london for 8 days, followed by prague for 6 days, venice for 5 days, and florence for 5 days, and have now been in rome for 3 days. i will return from here to london on saturday, and am tempted to take mike's advice and take a day trip up north on sunday. i wonder if he has any further advice on a realistic destination from london for a day and a night.

although, there's always more to see around london, and that's where my friend ross will be. i didn't get to go to cambridge or oxford, and am also very interested in the pullman and norman books.

i look forward to reading just in tokyo.

my website seems to be down for some reason, but whenever it comes back up, you will find either a preview of my photos from this trip or a full-blown gallery. i really like the interaction between your text and your photos and recordings in this entry. i don't have audio recording, but i do take short videos with audio when still pictures don't suffice. i am afraid the server my website's on won't appreciate it if i start putting movies on it, but they do add a whole other dimension.

speaking of andy warhol's interests, i met the maker of some great really flashy custom velvet blazers, bathrobes, and underwear in venice who had pictures of her and warhol and treated me and my friend to a very large glass of "shpritz" at the bar next door.

commentson 5 March 2004 : 02:07, nick sweeney sez:

Heh. My old alma mater. (At least, Pullman's St Michael's, not Aedes Christi.) And the people at the House will be so glad you didn't commit the heinous sin of naming that is 'Christchurch College'...

Loved the WAV of Old Tom. Were you around to count the 101 chimes of the bell at 9.05pm? That's the old signal for the curfew: back in the 60s, the college doors were locked after the final ring, and anyone locked out had to hop over the wall to get back in.

Oh, and anti-climb paint is this disgusting slippery viscous stuff that ruins your clothes and dyes your skin and stinks if you come into contact with it. Consider it the modern equivalent of coating a fence with dogshit.

commentson 5 March 2004 : 16:50, Neom sez:

Ah, I think you were in the 15th arrondisement whilst in that taxi...

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