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commentson 3 April 2004 : 19:57, C(h)ristine sez:

Good luck with grad school! USC? Does that mean you're going to move to L.A.?

commentson 3 April 2004 : 21:16, Liz sez:

Thats great about school Justin, I'm so happy for you.

commentson 4 April 2004 : 00:15, stefanos sez:

grad school? write a book and then make a movie, grad school requires total submission to figures of the imagination that hold only trasient knowledge. unless you wish for a profession, to make a buck.

a blind friend of mine would have one radio near his office playing jazz, while anther near the stairs and bathroom play the news. It sort of created the same atmosphere of ambeint unintelligible voices mixed with jazz. It helps this drunken poet/philosopher get around his art gallery, home, studio down in the lowereastside fo NYC. He is currently still alive and accepts guests. He is sad his contempory poet has died and and is campaigning to name a school or a library after him.

Its a sad case of the non famous beat blues passing into the buddist hue of memory, a shadow of tv and music playing randomly within a city, inside an increasing surveillenced neiborhood: the surveillence indicative of yuppie gentrification, with the shadows of the underground art movement that was so alive and vital just a decade ago, nothing more than abandoned chapbooks in coffee stores that are going out of business, and giving way to really pretentious art galleries.

Go to grad school, but live a life worthy of the energy within. When in Oakland, give Ismael Reed a call, and let him know that Jef Raskin is full of crap and to protest his bigoted hospital; cause there are hackers out here in the internet nothingness who have figured out the demographic timing of hospital room placement coorelates of the hispanic or african race, and he can eat that, cause computers do not lie, they only store the patterns of man's deceptions....cause writing is fighting, its more than going to grad school, its about exposing the deceptions of humanity, ever being a lie, a representation itself, always part of the landscape of who we are, and of the sounds that play within the unintelligible voice within.
we still need to build our own blog of three blind photographers stumbling into a book of chances, and of disclosures. We are sousavailers. and radical philosoterrorist, scribling in picture, ideas, and of flashes. Themselves metaphore of an unseen spiritual drama, reported to our viewing audience, who sees what our Three Camera Mind cannot. We are to question and unbury that which is sacred, and to freighted assumtions into a fearful dance of photographic stumble, for your protection we shall photograph how the surveillence cameras create the theifery of spaces once public.



commentson 4 April 2004 : 10:59, Gonzalo sez:

Grad school? Are u nuts? You don't need grad school. I mean, I guess everybody could do some grad schooling eventually, but, dude, let me give you a piece of advice. Grad school is (or at least should be) just like a playground. You are not supposed to get much info, but rather experiment and do stuff (and, as such, it is a nice thing to do). So, there are 2 reasons why you should want to do grad school. One is to improve your CV. Justin, you don't need your CV improved. The other is because you want to settle down for a while and do creative things. Well, I know you and, even if I do 1/10 of the travelling you do and I know how overwhelming that can be, I also know that I feel uncomfortable after I spend 30 days in the same place. And grad school is just being tied up to the same place for 2-3 years! I dunno, it doesn't seem like the right choice for ya but, hey, I can be totally wrong. Feel free to email me or give me a call if you want some inside info on academic hells :)
Take care, it was great to see you again at GDC, even if it was for 2:43 minutes. Gonzalo

commentson 4 April 2004 : 11:08, Don Wrege sez:

Congratulations on your decision to delve back into academia.

When I first heard you speak at the Digital Storytelling Festival (probably 1998 or so)I felt like I was in a college course. Not to blow too much smoke up your ass, but the only other public speaker I'd seen who could keep three independent random thoughts going at once, and then at the end of 45 minutes of seemingly unconnected ranting, tie them all together in something more enlightening than the parts was Bucky Fuller.

I think you would make an excellent college professor someday, if you could keep your horny hands off the coeds.

Good luck, and again, congratulations.

Don W.

commentson 4 April 2004 : 12:43, tomatoes sez:

yes grad school can be a dreary pit into which people fall in order to further procrastinate...

or it can provide time, space, facilities, and an a non-electronic community of folks who think well but not necessarilly the way you do.

commentson 4 April 2004 : 12:44, tomatoes sez:

you are going to do as great there as you do everywhere!

commentson 4 April 2004 : 12:44, tomatoes sez:

you are going to do as great there as you do everywhere!

commentson 4 April 2004 : 14:39, Taylor sez:

Well Justin, if you can go for free, heck I would even go.

I mean you might as well invest your time in a piece of paper that you can show others.

As your business acumen does not seem to be up to snuff, (don't worry, mine is neither) you might as well invest your time into a certificate.

Cause when your mom & brother are gone someday, you will have to become the elder.

commentson 4 April 2004 : 15:43, Katherine sez:

to school, to school . . . it appears to be catching :) . . . I'm in the middle of applying to go back myself and wondering if per chance I may have gone completely insane . . . but it just might be fun . . . and exciting . . . and mind/spirit expanding . . . and full of new ways of looking/being/traveling . . . my my my . . . :)

commentson 4 April 2004 : 18:49, Mike B. sez:

Wow, I guess it is a trend. I'm scheduled to go to vet med school next year. USC sounds a helluva lot more fun though! Good luck!

commentson 4 April 2004 : 21:59, Judy Rheingold sez:

I have to agree with Don W. I think the possibility of you becoming a professor down the road is a mighty one. In the meantime you will be participating in a program that you are very well suited for, unlike the scattered attention of undergrad school. And if you don't like what....come home and try another route. If you are ever going to do grad school it is now. You are unlikely to ever get such a sweet deal placed in your lap again. But we will so miss you.

commentson 5 April 2004 : 07:41, Brian sez:

I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of grad school. Another comes over the the dark side...

commentson 5 April 2004 : 09:24, Bubbe sez:

Oy. I'm kvelling as this grad school idea is such a good thing. Bubbe thinks you will get to explore ideas in depth and without being critical, Bubbe thinks now is a good time for Justin to sacrifice a little breadth for depth. It will be hard, no doubt as academics don't like grad students who are more famous, get more media attention and get more speaking opportunities. So you will have to learn to be very charming and not too threatening. On the other hand, that Scott Fisher who chairs the department is a good guy and if you are really nice to your bubbe, she'll introduce you! Or maybe that Howard has already taken care of it. In any case, mazel tov!

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