Comments on how are you coming?
commentson 7 May 2004 : 07:37, Katherine sez:

I'm doing the moving thing too . . . yeah, yeah, change is good . . . sending you well wishes as you set off on your next big adventure :)

commentson 7 May 2004 : 09:48, Taylor sez:

But what I want to know Justin, is who are you sleeping with right now?

commentson 7 May 2004 : 16:27, filchyboy sez:

The population of the US is not 50% evangelicals. His question is right on point but his figures are off.

commentson 8 May 2004 : 00:00, bubba sez:

hey Justin what's going on. Looks like you've gained about 20 pounds or so, judging by that double chin of yours. Time to lay off the Ben&Jerry's eh.

commentson 8 May 2004 : 01:31, Bevin sez:

hi justin. just wanted to remind you that my little bro MIKE KELLEY would be more than happy to speak w your beak about jordan and the like. his email is
and you can tell him i sent u.
xox me and j will MISS YOU IN THE EAST BAY
xox BK

commentson 9 May 2004 : 15:11, shawn sez:

i'm moving to LA next month, too - not exactly my first choice, but should be an experience. I don't know anyone who lives out there - hit me up if you're bored.

commentson 12 May 2004 : 16:02, "Damanda" sez:

Justin, THIS is what LA looks like....


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