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commentson 18 July 2004 : 15:43, tyler sez:

nice. brings back memories of being a kid, tumbling in the warm surf, scratchy skin from the fun. the pics of you make you look almost, i dunno, feminine. or like a kid, rejuvenated by the waves. maybe you found the fountain of youth?

commentson 18 July 2004 : 19:14, C(h)ristine sez:

You got a lot of restless energy there, Justin -- I feel exhausted just from reading and watching you fight the Atlantic! That's awesome stuff and thank you for sharing and giving me a peek of your vacation time. It was nice to experience and gives me a break from my daily doldrums.

commentson 19 July 2004 : 09:16, Liz sez:

I prefer pools for the very reasons that your short film exhibits. Ha!

Cool footage by the way. I love those guys cracking up as you struggle to take on another wave, brave boy that you are.


commentson 19 July 2004 : 15:01, Heidi sez:

Justin, you realize you don't have to catch _every_ wave, right? SO funny.

commentson 20 July 2004 : 07:01, liza sez:

A few years ago I went to Nantucket. I love it there, in the summer at least. The beach we went to had a man made sand bar. You would walk into the ocean, be about shoulder height in the water, then you start walking up a steep hill of sand. It's fun to sit there and have the waves come and push you away. I body surfed a few waves too. My only complaint is that the water was so salty and stuck to your skin like seaweed.

Also sand got into every part of my body it could. EVERY part. That was an interesting shower.

commentson 22 July 2004 : 16:10, cameron sez:

..a ha grasshopper, you've brushed up against what it feels like to be a surfer, waves not web...just got out of ocean beach myself and i can relate.

some tips for next time: swim out a little further to the point where the wave is rising up, stroke hard to get into the wave BEFORE it breaks, then try to turn down the line (away from the peak/foam) and stay in the curl. keep your head up, chest out, and arms to the side, rigid so that your body will plane.

you think that was fun? maybe some day you'll try with a board...same exhilerating slide and glide, but sustained...and less scrapes too...

commentson 22 July 2004 : 21:28, Taylor sez:

Alexis is hot!

commentson 22 July 2004 : 23:23, rodge sez:

just bloghoppin'. nice posting you got here. had far too many skin sand paper experiences myself, and yet i still go face the waves.

commentson 23 July 2004 : 01:20, mojokat sez:

god damn you look so young. like a newborn puppy

commentson 26 November 2004 : 15:12, glutterbug sez:

Nice short. I like the sounds. That dissonicance (SP) worked well. It gave it a desperate feel of having to catch the wave. Slight suggestion would be to remove the sound track of your friends talking and laughing as it makes the image less of a struggle. Without it, the tension will be higher. My two cents.

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