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commentson 31 August 2004 : 00:47, Judy sez:

Great little movie Justin! Mamie, Mike and I really enjoyed it. If I recall you had to tell a story without dialogue and only incamera edits? Is music allowable? Loved watching the mural appear. The spray paint really came alive on video. Thanks for posting this and we look forward to seeing more.
Are you using a datebook or some kind of calendar to keep track of your multiple obligations? Put everything on there so maybe it will keep you from saying yes to too many projects. All of those little obligations that seem like petty time stealers can add up to a major time suck.

commentson 31 August 2004 : 06:36, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Thanks for the feedback Judy! The film was fun to make; more constraints than usual - no computer editing, in camera only. I'm not sure if there was a no-sound rule, I went for simplicity in that area I guess.

For the obligations, I've been using iCal to track appointments and obligations - I just forgot to schedule myself down time!

commentson 31 August 2004 : 17:28, lulu sez:

The film's non-linearity was really jarring. The film's subject is a project, so seeing the mural not progressing and the artist (seemingly) not focusing on the work, taking breaks to talk to you & the guy with the take-out food, etc., made me feel all spazzy and unsatisfied like i was jacked up on caffeine.

commentson 1 September 2004 : 00:01, James sez:

I was fine with it. The non-linearity, I mean. I thought it was cool -- and Justin, this is what I meant a few posts back when I said I was looking forward to you getting out and soaking up the L.A. vibe.

commentson 4 September 2004 : 21:16, James sez:

Can I just say what's on everyone's mind here, but has gone unsaid?

Cody is pretty damned hot. Tomboyish, but hot.

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