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commentson 13 September 2004 : 15:04, Gina sez:

I highly recommend Sorenson Squeeze for compression post FCP export.

commentson 13 September 2004 : 18:02, Patricio López sez:

Weird. I have been visiting your site for years and it's actually the first time I have heard your voice, It sounds much deeper than I thought It would sound.

Did you happen to see the movie CQ by Roman Coppola? Your mini movie reminded me a bit of the personal movie the lead character is directing.

commentson 13 September 2004 : 18:07, guillermo in nyc sez:

dang. great video! the topic was cool, but also, just well done with the editing and all that shit. so creative.

if you're getting nailed with bandwidth, consider making an optional bittorrent link available for movies, i'm sure lots of people would participate with that.

commentson 13 September 2004 : 20:45, Duncan sez:

This is a great video blog post. You can't help but listen to a guy who is sitting on the crapper talkin to ya!

commentson 13 September 2004 : 20:55, chris weagel sez:

Great video post.

Got your link from Jay Dedman in the videoblog group.
You should join.
Many have been videobloggin for a while, including myself, weekly since january.

commentson 14 September 2004 : 08:09, souris sez:

j - it is so great to see you on film doing what you do. although we'll soon be neighbors, i'm looking forward to cashing in on a night at your place. i'll raid your fridge. test out your new shower. tell you if the aerobed afforded me a good night's sleep. so looking forward to playing again soon. be well!

commentson 14 September 2004 : 10:37, Robert sez:

Great fun to watch, and overall a good job with editing. However, I found myself not listening during the 'drilling scene', probably worrying that you'd hurt yourself or something. Either narration doesn't go very well with lots of on-screen action or my multi-tasking abilities are just weak.

This video is going to push you far over 52 gigs for September.

commentson 14 September 2004 : 11:48, erica sez:

fun to hear your voice after so many years. may your home be blessed with much warmth and love. i'm the girl who dressed you as a girl on halloween freshman year of college.

commentson 14 September 2004 : 12:57, Denked sez:

It was on Arte where I saw you and your page for the first time back in the mid '90s...

commentson 14 September 2004 : 16:04, alison sez:

Hey, have I ever received a text message from the shitter?

commentson 14 September 2004 : 17:21, C(h)ristine sez:

you're pioneering again, Justin!

commentson 15 September 2004 : 06:01, cliclou sez:

"It was on Arte where I saw you and your page for the first time back in the mid '90s..."

Yay, me too ! Though I'd forgotten it'd been Arte. But believe it or not, I clearly remember the night I saw it. That had made me want to have the internet even more. The documentary was very lively and engaging. Part of that admittedly came from the sprouting hairdo and fuschia suit-skirt. But mostly your enthusiasm and ingenuity.

It was fun stumbling on your site a couple of years after having seeing it. You've been in my Top 10 Bookmarks ever since, and that's been like 5 years.

commentson 15 September 2004 : 17:55, James sez:

Justin, hearing your voice has changed my perspective a bit.

Your video didn't disappoint. Very interesting stuff.

commentson 15 September 2004 : 18:33, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Does my audible voice in your recent memory change your sense of my web words?

commentson 15 September 2004 : 22:20, James sez:

It gives me a fuller sense of who you are -- what you're like as a person. Not just your voice, really, but also your manner of speaking. So, with that fuller sense of who you are, it has informed my reading of your web-words.

It had me scratching my head, thinking, "Okay, so the guy who had all these adventures I've been reading about, actually sounds like THIS ... "

I read somewhere, an essay about Richard Rorty, the philosopher. The essay said that, if you hear Rorty speak in person, it will change your understanding of his words. Apparently he speaks in a very dry, deadpan voice -- at least that's the description I recall from the article. The author of the article suggested that you'd walk out of a Rorty lecture thinking, "Now I understand what he's all about."

It's not quite so dramatic with your spoken words, but it did make me think I better understand who you, having heard your voice. It makes sense, really --- it's adding another dimension to the cyber-self that has previously been communicated only through text and pictures.

commentson 16 September 2004 : 09:33, ironmonkey sez:


Now I understand why you've been successful with the public speaking engagements that you've blogged about in the past... I'm thinking of the talks you've given in Europe at media conferences.

Honestly, my inner-voice that my mind uses to speak your electronic words was totally different. Your text'd dialog's are sometime so fragmented that it can be difficult to match with a voice. However, it was very easy listening to your people-spacial-living together rhetoric.

Now that you are out in LA, you should try for a spot on "The Screensavers" or something. That would be sorta inline with your current Media-influenced direction of learning.

Please do more video blogs/bits. Make them bittorrent enabled to save on bandwidth. I'm sure people would volunteer to help if you don't have the time.

I've been following your blogged adventures right about the time you returned from Honduras. I really enjoyed the Japan era--both pre and post Jane. :)


commentson 20 September 2004 : 00:30, Mark-Paul sez:

Wow. Impressive stuff. Although I have heard your voice before from interviews, TV shows, and presentations you posted, this added a texture that has never been there before. It's almost like watching HDTV for the first time or seeing a painting that you only have previously seen in pictures. This incrementally added a dimension that now takes the relationship another step closer. Like when you first added the functionality for reader comments.

Of course, the intimate nature of the environment you chose [was that carefully chosen or spur of the moment, I wonder...] to express some of your inner thoughts that you openly shared created an even more intimate bond that continues to test the reality of that intimacy. It's not that you haven't been intimate before... you have; there's so many parts of your life that I feel you have shared with "me" over the years. But, when presented with a video, a voice, body language in motion, and and an intimate moment, the sense of reality becomes sharper, more in focus, "more" real. Just like HDTV; just like it...

So, does this mean I have to place to stay if I'm ever in LA?

commentson 22 September 2004 : 12:22, John sez:

Respect for the motives and vision. High degrees of recognition. Drop a line when you visit Europe.

commentson 13 October 2004 : 10:45, Justin sez:

Heya Justin. I enjoyed your video and I'll be interested to observe your process in working a medium that, in contrast to your previous experience, concerns itself primarily with showing -vs- telling. How will it be when these sensory fragments, captured as a measure of radiation by a photodiode, are wielded in full trust of their ability to register with our own sensory apparatus and convey information that cannot be distilled in linguistic form.

You may enjoy the writings of this person on the subject of Video Blogs (vogs, according to her) and Hypertext:


commentson 28 October 2004 : 15:29, Andrew sez:

Justin, your video brings back memories from 1996, when I moved into my first California Casa. Damn, what an amazing right of passage that is in life. And YES, I agree 100% regarding the blessing of home ownership and the communal nature of space.

My home is my sanctuary; a personal place with nurturing spirit. It is also a work in progress with at least one project going on at all times. My dog Tina is my guardian and advisor. She reminds me of basic needs when I’m stressing out money, career, grad school, love, etc. Some day you’ll have to come by for a visit.

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