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commentson 19 September 2004 : 00:27, Joao sez:

Guess that laughter means he turned 60!

commentson 19 September 2004 : 08:30, Taylor sez:

I am just asking Justin, but would it be possible to view your DV footage via Windows Media player?

commentson 19 September 2004 : 10:14, Mike sez:

Not bad. I really liked the editing from 00:43 to around 2:00. What kind of camera did you use?

commentson 19 September 2004 : 11:40, Judy sez:

Thanks Justin. It is even more fun to see it now with a few months passing. That was a fun day and night!
I love the music you chose and such a fun day in the life of....
Message to Joao - Howard is 57. Can't remember why Mamie asked if he was 60 and why we all thought that was so funny!

commentson 19 September 2004 : 11:47, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Judy - I'm glad you enjoy it! It was great fun to be there, and great fun to make this little video.

Taylor - I don't know about Windows Media Player - I think these videos are only viewable in Quicktime. Sorry about that!

Mike - I used a Sony PC101 DV cam for this project.

I'm not sure why Mamie had the date wrong, but it was funny somehow!

commentson 19 September 2004 : 13:46, shelley sez:

Hey, Justin.
Your piece is warm and sweet and fun. I love the bit of the two of you stretching. I found that one to be the most effective sequence along with Howard's picking (then eating!) fruit from the garden. I wanted to see more visiting Mama.
As always, I admire your rush forward. Best of luck in film school.

commentson 19 September 2004 : 15:45, Joao sez:

Ah Thanks Juday! Not that his age really matters, his spirit is quite young and jovial. Hope I behave the same at that age, like my father who is also 57. Wierd to say, but I finally see and FEEL the enjoyment in growing older, even if I am only 25.

Really enjoyed the video and inspires me to someday edit all the boring video I have shot and compress it down to a "videoblog bite".

Look forward to many more Justin!

commentson 20 September 2004 : 07:41, Don Wrege sez:

Mr. Hall,

re: digital video production

As Harry Marks likes to point out, you can fit into your pocket a broadcast-quality video camera that exceeds the image quality of studio cameras of yesteryear.

Where digital video production usually falls flat, however, is in the sound capture. The on-board microphones of the standard miniDV cameras should be avoided if possible.

If compatible with your setup, I would strongly suggest that you siphon off some of your house redecorating budget and buy these two pieces of equipment which will take your movies to another quality level immediately:

Azden WLX-PRO (wireless lavalier)

Azden SGM-X (shotgun)

Or if the cinema department has them, or something like them, to check out, I urge you to experiment with alternative microphones.


Don Wrege

commentson 23 September 2004 : 14:33, fig sez:

Well done, young man, well done. Thank Gopod for Howard and his mind.

commentson 24 September 2004 : 18:26, kevin sez:

You shoot a great story Justin. I've enjoyed watching your past three flicks: The Birthday Mural, The Toilet Monologue - and now, as Shelly aptly describes it -- this warm piece. Poignant -- the painting - with the quick dip and focus...Howard seems like a wonderful slice of life. Keep it up -- I'll keep watchin.

commentson 4 October 2004 : 18:56, stef sez:

how did you upload that quicktime file and get it to play from the blog?

just learned how to use tags recently with starting my blog:


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