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commentson 1 October 2004 : 08:58, Don Wrege sez:

"...who spoke into my camera but it wasn't audible..."

Suggest again, the previously recommended Azden wireless lavelier and the Azden shotgun. Onboard camcorder mics are fairly useless.

Don W.

commentson 1 October 2004 : 14:15, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Thanks again for the tip Don - I submit that those moments where comments were inaudible stemmed more from my ineptitude, rather than poor equipment. I have an external, corded mic. Yes, if I had a wireless setup, or a more uni-directional shotgun mic, I could get better sound. But I have no money to spend on this right now, and I figure I should first learn to use the most basic set of tools available. Then if this pans out into something, I can get some better gear!

commentson 1 October 2004 : 14:32, Donald Melanson sez:

Any chance you can put up some more compressed video (DivX maybe) for us broadband deprived?

commentson 1 October 2004 : 21:29, Joao sez:

Enjoyed the video especially the use of interviews within your wandering of the venue. I do not play games nor am I a fan, but it definitely aroused my attention and interested me. I also enjoyed the variety of the interviews and the links provided with the names.

I see your progression, look forward to more "video blogs". Cheers,Joao

commentson 3 October 2004 : 05:58, stephen sez:

I am just a little pissed. I was in Japan. I contacted you before I left. No Love. I even visited the game show on a whim. I said some time ago that should we ever be in Tokyo at the same time, we should grab some macha. You agreed. Alas that was lipservice. I am hurt.

commentson 4 October 2004 : 11:48, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Sorry Stephen - it would have been great to meet up. I suspect some day we shall. Maybe next time it would be good to pick a venue and have a sort of party on the road - so everyone can know in advance where to gather!

commentson 5 October 2004 : 04:53, cyborgopoulos [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

here is the link for our magazine we are putting together: can't pay for your article, but do promise great exposure...wondering if you got a 1200 word piece on the subject laying around with some images?

Tribes Special Edition: Sousveillance

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