Comments on Schwabian Matrimony at Stone Pine
commentson 4 October 2004 : 12:35, lulu sez:

Every time I see a new picture of you I think, god Justin, get a haircut.

commentson 4 October 2004 : 12:44, Justin Hall [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

Hah! I was going to shave myself a mullety-mohawky thing last night, but then I remembered, I promised this gal Liz at USC I'd act in her student film. She says she likes my "current floppy aesthetic!" Not like some people. Humph. Myself included!

These are the rough stages, too, I think to myself - when I have little wings on the back of my head. If I can just wait a few more weeks, then I can pull my hair back into a ponytail. Then it's all over - I'll start being cool again, especially because if I get my hair jusr right, you can actually see where my hairline is receeding! Two corners, on either side of my face.

commentson 4 October 2004 : 13:18, roBin sez:

Hahahah!! I offered to cut it while we were in Tokyo, and it never happened. Too bad - an opportunity lost!

How funny is it to compare your wedding photos to mine, Justin? I bet there was no pogo-ing at that Monteray shit!

PS: Your mom looks so awesome in the Jag, like a famous movie star/recluse, caught by paparazzi!

commentson 4 October 2004 : 14:26, Denked sez:

Koi SpƤtzle? Des geit doch nit, liabe Leit!
(in case you understand Schwabian)

commentson 4 October 2004 : 15:53, Liz sez:

Your Mom is looking wonderful these days!

commentson 5 October 2004 : 07:50, Joao sez:

The photo of you and your mom is very nice. Although, the scenery reminds me of England more than California! And seeing you in a bow-tie reminds me to get one myself, looks smashing!

Did you happen to get the recipe for the Schwabian soup? It would be nice to share with my classmates at the Goethe Institut (especially since one is really cute and her mom is from Swabia).

commentson 5 October 2004 : 13:26, Wendy sez:

Your mom is adorable!

If we could all achieve as much as she has and age as gracefully and have such a warm smile...what more could we want?

commentson 5 October 2004 : 21:59, Judy sez:

pix of you and mom very sweet but yes! you need a haircut!
here you have girls around the world offering to clip your hair. it isn't always going to be this way. take advantage while you can. and forget the mohawky/mullet thing!

commentson 6 October 2004 : 01:17, olaf sez:

Yo, Justin !

Scanning through the vague memories of pics with you in a suit, this seems to be the most appropriate one for the occasion. But man, where did you get that fly ?? Kind of reminded me of Karlson on the roof :-D

Anyway, lovely wedding.

commentson 7 October 2004 : 18:21, Nathan Prince sez:

I've had you in the directory of my website for a couple of years now - i rem seeing you on that documentary on "Underground" internauts or something and even rem reading about you in Details magazine from years ago when you mentioned something about masturbation.
Always cool seeing what your up to - I like the archery shot. very cool. Have a groovy day!

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