Comments on Robin in Wonderland
commentson 7 October 2004 : 21:01, kim sez:

Cool video. All that close up footage of Robin's face (or anyone's for that matter) makes me uncomfortable. I feel like I want to blink first. I think that faceless "Pliers man" (Pincher, I think?) would have been a nice juxtaposition.


commentson 8 October 2004 : 02:34, stef sez:

get a short tripod you can place on a desk, or somehow upon your chest:

or you can easily carry around if you got one of them small recording devices.

there is a way of holding your hands and placing your elbows upon your chest as well.

practice: you may need better equipment: 8mm film is great, but takes more time.

commentson 8 October 2004 : 13:19, robin sez:

Finally, I'm "the star". I think I'll retire now, start a resturant, and pick up golf.

I agree that planning ahead of time is key. All that brainstorming we were supposed to do on the plane - spent sleeping and writing Inform games! Silly us!

commentson 8 October 2004 : 21:58, Nick Gray sez:

This is good.
dude, WHAT IF (and I'm just saying) -- what if Justin went to grad school to become a content=pumping media machine?

commentson 27 October 2004 : 03:54, Chris_B sez:

Boring. Could not relate at all. The looks of surprise or whatever did not connect to the oddly framed shots of the cosplayers. The only shot which was vaugely ineresting was of the lead character shooting photos along with all the japanese males. At least there was some image contrast in that shot. Otherwise it looked like random shippets from any geeks travel vid to TGS laid over some oddball early "cyberpunk" distracting techno, all thrown together in a hurry the night before it was due.

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