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commentson 28 October 2004 : 07:07, liza sez:

That was a funny movie. Well without the sound. I pushed the play faster button because I am at work and should not be watching films.

commentson 28 October 2004 : 09:37, Lulu sez:

The audio didn't work either time I downloaded it.
Without sound, it cried out for leaner editing.

commentson 28 October 2004 : 11:10, Rob sez:

Why not post movies in divx format? thereby avoiding forcing us to install a proprietary player. Come on Justin, I thought you were more tech savvy then that.

commentson 28 October 2004 : 11:43, ClockworkGrue [TypeKey Profile Page] sez:

My first "real" project in grad school was prototyping entertainment uses for augmented reality technologies. Our old project site can be found here, talking about what we did, and linking to outside AR information.

commentson 28 October 2004 : 19:19, mark sez:

get the torrent here

commentson 29 October 2004 : 08:31, liza sez:

Quicktime seems to be a great player. I don't think there is a divx prog for macs.

commentson 30 October 2004 : 08:27, mark sez:

depending on the codec used, sometimes VLC can play DivX...and a whole lot of other formats, on os X.

commentson 17 November 2004 : 08:55, Christopher sez:

I was almost out the door waiting for the film to download, and when it came up I only watched it briefly. The color of the wall provided a nice contrast for the post-it. The other thing I recall was people saying that this was not their full time job.Hmmm.... I will be back to check out another short film.

commentson 5 December 2004 : 23:54, Nick Gray sez:

I really, really liked this video. It built well.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 15:54, Gina sez:

Amazing. This film portrays an extremely interesting concept. I've had my own futuristic ideologies about transferring data in much the same way as a palm pilot does using it's beam infrared technology, except in my version it is a direct download of information from ones mind to another's mind. Of course this brings up interesting transparency and encryption issues. There are certainly area's of my mind that I would keep encrypted! I am a futurist in general who embraces technology as a route to enhancing humanity (of course in a safe way), so you can see why your film is of significant interest to me. I had not thought of interacting with people as we do online, but rather in person, although it seems so obvious now. Your film makes me wonder in what way would the symbolistic post it notes actually be realized. In the future, if we ran internal computers that were actually embedded into our bodies, minds or eyes (you can see my 3D animation of a cornea computer here: then we could use this sort of research with people or things we come in contact with, of course only if they were in sync with the net system we are using. I commend you for your intelligent and thought provoking piece of work Justin. Thank you.

commentson 3 January 2005 : 16:48, Gina sez:

The sound worked fine for me.

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