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landing back in the US

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I had a quick trip to the UK to meet with Duncan. My return trip was my first international trip in about five months. I realized, as I was leaving the customs area: I couldn't see George Walker Bush's picture anywhere, grinning at me, to welcome me back to America.

I paced back and forth along the back wall of the LAX customs area. I couldn't see any picture of Obama. I asked a security guard, "Don't you have the President's picture on the wall?"

He gestured at the wall further down - there it was. Barack Hussein Obama's picture smiling at me, to welcome me back to America.

I became excited. "That's Barack Obama! On the Wall!" At first the guard didn't seem sure if I was allowed to walk along the back wall of customs. The he relaxed, "Yes."

I smiled at the wall for a moment, and resisted the urge to wait for my iPhone to boot up to take a picture.

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