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3 april, 1996
a beautiful day
spent digitizing
someone else's vision
not even that inspired
something I decided to do.

wilson spins over dinner is
wilson stories
with crony big ben
grewin' up in Davidson, North Carolina
man they just don't stop.

drug dealin' child molestin' racist vietnam vet bus drivers
abject violence and madness
with guys named goof hodgkins, shagbag

typical rya

let's lunar eclipse drum circle
plan for 6.30, show up 7 somthing
disappear between 45 and 9.30
in the moment, like a moth.

a month's cycle in an hour

I did a lunar lambada
like goin' school out west

I can sense balky's
sexuality knows no bi bounds
"to all my friends".

maybe it's the budding trees

everyone radiates potential.

lingering with him at Paces
carew sneaks me an old whipped cream can

thirty seconds
numb beauty transcendence

walking by the kitchen
I sight another unclaimed canister
but not Deena behind,

Justin sorry to be a bitch,
get out of here. it's completely hectic,
we don't need anyone back here doing whippets.

drugs can be so much trouble.

I don't drink much
but I have liquor

a Midwestern friend asked for a shot
I jokingly told him no more than half the bottle

nightlong progression
Ben's pissed I got him started

he sez it's my generous nature
stupid to give alcohol to a drunk

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