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Date: Mon, 08 Apr 1996 12:16:31 EDT
From: PeterBrooks@prodigy.com (MR PETER C BROOKS)
To: justin@cyborgasmic.com
Subject: advice
Justin, I checked out your page about a week ago, and noted that you were dealing with this woman from Microsoft who was in charge of contributions and special programs. I don't have her name here but I believe it was Babara Dingfield? Anyway, I am the Coordinator for the Media Arts Program at Coppin State College in Baltimore, Maryland, and I am very interested in getting some kind of assistance from somewhere. We are about as poor as dirt, and located in the heart of the ghetto. We graduate students with no computer training and I keep preaching that they will not get jobs. I think people hear me, but there is nothing they can do, because there's just no money. Maryland is building 2 football stadiums for a cheap 272 Million Dollars. Even before then, there was no money for us (we are 98% black). At any rate, I don't believe we should sit around and blame others for our misfortune. We have to do something to help ourselves. Dingfield will not return my calls (probably too busy), and I don't know where to begin. Unlike some Microsoft program which just throws money at poor people, we have a pre-existing structure which may make it easier to implement a successful program. Most effots by Corporate and the Government fail in the ghetto because they don't take into consideration the culture of the people. Oh well, this has probably gone on too long for an e-mail. Can you help? Will you help? Please? - Peter Brooks Coppin State College

8 april '96

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