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15 april, 1996
a student evening
looking over supermodels
advance musing over technological shamanism

playing with a new internet toy
neural networking for music and movie faves
(I'm jahluv)

captain beefheart is world music?

I guess so.
problems with categories,
glad to see they have robert wilkins and vadya lahari
fun to play with
big potential -
machine delivered word of mouth

abject snacking
I love avocados
pfutzing around on an electric guitar with four strings
airing ben's girlfriend troubles
too much time together - they're sharing adolescent angst.
hard to do anything halfway
like I can't stop snacking.

tomorrow, April 16, Yom Hashoah,
day of holocaust rememberance.
one day, how about 12 million days?
something better than nothing

students will be reading names in Parrish

day-long deceasement
heavy heavy shit.

by so acknowledging
can't weep over the wires
but want to connect somehow
it's not my pain, right
but who can't feel it?

thinking of technosham,
spoke with Bruce Grant, professor
self-critque the critical part of the assignment, so

I post yom hashoah,
and I think
I hope a jewish friend dials in
that they might see that I know
and they might think I'm a good guy

ug, approval seeking me
a good cause resulting, right?

reading Disinformocracy
prep for class tomorrow
howard is a pretty smart guy.

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