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3 june, 1996
billy dee almost decided I wuz homosexual in my dream
messing around with billy dee williams in his swimming pool at swarthmore

austin access cable
werner zotter
viennese cowboy
smug smirking lyp synching barely synching his accordian
yellow rose (of texas) polka
is this guy serious?

harmony polka

producer: sara j zotter
902 angeltoncove
austin, texas 78748

I can imagine busting that out at a rave and blowing the place open

followed by the painting with a garden glove show

arts and crafts for the arthritic

reach howard, we spoke of his coming electric minds magazine and my perhaps role therein
he warns what they'd like me to do might not match my skill set so well
what is my skill set?
it's a team I could learn from join.

somehow I remember my grents at their first movie in decades, two, maybe three years back
a river runs through it
what was that warren?
I can't hear them when they whisper like that.

kevin shape kevin comes by, we lampoon shape

bushin' him and his wiccan ways, tangential humour sense
we take to mexican lunch
stop by governor george bush's house
I really didn't like his dad.

we take my computer in to be computized

so computerless, I take notes straight into my notepad instead

let's see if the prose changes:
wow! Jeff who lives so nearby is up on stage doing loose country at the Hole in the Wall. His friendJon Sanchez sounds like Bob Dylan, plays the organ on Queen Jane. Dinner at Kirby lane affinity for gender mistakes w/ a short cropped black waitress. Bill + Amy met in Amy's ice cream. I regailed them w/ tales of CK darkness Amy agreed with cancer craziness delineation personalè. black veil QJ [Queen Jane] -> 96 tears (VU) -> QJ -> Rock n' Roll (VU) -> Sympathy for the Devil -< hard not to watch the casual jam and not want to be involved -> Super ego - band name. At the Hole in the Wall - a little hole for food w/ a warmin' lamp hangin' above - story scene waiter/ress reaches through for to love/hate a cook, burns arm(s). Some tuba playin'. Archie Andrew - the Archies on video synched up w/ GodSave the Queen - Sex Pistols. Amy laughs easy. Bill + I have the same model old school tevas.
here I'm breaking from notebookin' to delineate conversation with Jacob Schulze (21), an enormously entertaining, youthful frenetic
what is it about young people - they can just keep up
I love smart people of my own generation, we fly.

jacobin he doesn't make pages, but has two to recommend:

a Dead Pool on the web
Jack D Chick religious tracts

"vicarious living dollar - that's a good market" - office surfers

his take on my gig

his gig is open slamming mikes and performance

Sonic Outlaw, performed at lollapalooza

No one wants to hear you as much as they want to hear themselves selects folx from audience since response to straight reading was pfft - people want to hear themselves - so he yells cruel shit at audience members, rants + shouts
"He's got a certain insightfulness to him." - Amy

I feel like I will be seeing him again

I already saw him, perhaps, at lollapalooza '95
we both performed on the "laboratory" side stage in san francisco

he doesn't watch, he monitors TV.

radia roomie jeff is hosting public radio and I am invited
guest dj or

rant about gospel music:

davidson gospel reflections
I've noticed two types of black godly singers
crooners and the shouters

like mind body split,
rough smooth
think versus feel
ears or guts

me, I like the shouters
like sister o m terrell gizzilitates me

each experience is authentic, and each area has its splendecorous specialists
but wrouah! shouters.
their lyrics ain't always much, but damn those guts and emphasis
they got spirit that moves me body - uh!

balance, of course is key,

anyways, you have an idea of what I waxed and waned at
followed by publishing power vision

I followed up a record of jeff's selectron -
timothy leary speaks, with jimi hendrix on backup bass.

three am, and it don't stop
got some calls
"hey that was great about the gospel - nice lead in to some music."

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