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14 june, 1996
how easily the metaphors sprung
let's make a web page
the jean pool

it's got fish, mud, shimmer, cattails, frogs

lunch on a wet porch land missouri
watching the day lilies and many bugs
inside, I tickled, tick on my belly

warrants a shower.

I used to have ads at the top of a lot of my pages,
mostly sex and stuff,
after watching uninitiated read
they click all the way through, reach the bottom looking for something to do
why distract them when they've just arrived?
I switched my ads from the top to the bottom

as I have my site developed,
I'm lamentng no record of progress changes

discover amongst jean's refuse
many pithy books
female wit and wisdom I here add

lily thomlin is funny

just remember, we're all in this alone she said

it's the good girls that keep the diaries, the bad girls never have the time - tallulah bankhead

libras leigh and dad leigh and amy visit
leigh jean's daughter now on her own
with amy
severe cp
severe enough she can't so easily walk, talk
computer aided - her "liberator"
preprogrammed phrases at the push of a button -

asshole, son of a bitch
what did you do last night?

I wanted to engage amy,
it's hard to ask so many close ended questions in a row

well, yes and no.
I'm impatient in conversation
leigh has been with her long enough, communicates naturally well
interpolates much
reads body language

there certainly wasn't any timerity on either part
punching swearing getttin' down to the essential shit
leigh takes amy to pool halls, dance clubs
none of that fast food, hollywood and home, thank you very much

the girls

we ate bar be que
only a little chicken I consumed
but much home made stone ground corn bread

substantizing negativity holdup
how to be comfortably snide
obfuscating trash feeling
forget despise
I skipped it and posted 05

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