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21 july, 1996
awoken by carlos the floor guy
poor fool, I thought I could sleep through that racket.

garden time
laying out in the sun
human standard time

stretching qi quongwith howard
imagine full rheingold calesthenics every morning

colin web site help
don't pay word joe more than $500
they've got an aol e-mail address for christsakes
to do some icons

he liked my last night's design so he'll go with me
just got to spend a night on him too

lunchtime solo the family is abounding
but cameron is outbound
in between geek check ins from jim race I schedule lunch

arrive in berkeley to find him crash padded
the only guy among five
smokers tokeys hungover people sorry

so we head to the closest thing to la petite so they can get some egg breakfast
I get a toasted special and tell stories
the manager asks me to quiet down or leave, there's been complaints about crazy david
between the camera and the stories its a pretty one sided affair

cameron has slept with the cutest one, who just got her toungue pierced, like cameron who also has an eyebrow pierce, but took out his earrings

why do all these meal joints have greek specialties?

anyways, on the way to telegraph for wandering we pass a thrift store that the frizzy haired girl who took a long time in the bathroom stopped at
ended up spending 11$ on some old photographs, some for martin some for me. juxtaposition

anyways anyways, now it's 2.50 am I'm seated in the loft I was supposed to go to jennifer's class this morning but I lost the info (ie - it's not on my computer)
pat combs needs his duo power supply pronto so I should go into the city but other than that I have no real reason
I'm pretty beat
howard's got a board meeting tomorrow - big shit, I might need to do cover work in the morning

he admitted he's a homebody tonight, as we sipt mint julips on the porch
mamie's sno cone maker was kind of a flop, howard did not spare her his examination of the cheap crap - reminded me of dad and he-men action figures
mamie hurt herself, let out a pitiable whine, howard reacted strongly
he really is reacting without much calm these days
pot is medication for that perhaps? he's got a high strung side
grabbing her finger, what's wrong, where is it show me where it is
so to ascertain is injurious but harshes her mellow

the tv is constantly playing olympics

we broke for dinner fresh picked garden beans and squash and zuks and sweetest tomates and garlic and ginger and basil stir fry with pesto pasta and only the boys had soup
which judy said was quite rich
dinner outside, a little chilly sent mamie away early, cuz they mentioned divorce in the context of a judy family finances recap - was she going to invest her mother's resulting money on her own or talk to someone howard had in mind because she really didn't know anything and maybe mutual funds are last years smart investment.

we fool around with the palace conferencing software - it kind of sucks. major lag on isdn and crashing.

howard goes to bed with some al pacino cheesiness he rented for the girls puts him right to sleep
I'm revising janes and /muzik cuz it gets so many hits and I feel imbalance - I needed to explain that I'm not an info clearinghouse any longer, check out other places. but I am justin, and I do have steve bahcall friend who had written extensively on the swan silvertones, the first thing that came up on an alta vista search! he's a fuckin' maniac with great taste. I sent him a message haven't yet heard back on an older one concerning accompaniement to gospel services.

in telegraph I bought two cds - razorbacks and blind gary. yes to the seond, um to the first.

cam talked about women some, recent girlfriend long distance she cheats and decieves weirdness
while someone else sorority from u of redlands comes to visit him, sucks his dick just inside the door, takes him to dinner, splits.
I want to get him running with vrml - got a very strong feeling, especially in light of threads that he's got the mind and drive for it. given the right tools he could computer continue his exploration of innter space
he carries around an ez drive and cartridges filled with softz and data for working around the school I might get him some of this fly shit if he'll work in vrml some
recommended him pesce's book - it ain't hard!

howard and I got a little tanked and talked over my fame some more
I talked about wanting to make a spiritual conception, he located that as the common place from which we spring energy
I talked of wanting to work alone to see what came
he said I have a knack for finding teachers and I need to go with that
he doesn't think I'm a kerouac or a wolfe, cuz I'm not that much raw writing talent - I'm more balanced personhood.

sometimes I feel as though I have a higher calling.
not until october.

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