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sept 10

this day started off like yester
fallouts from my ugly meeting behaviour
I blame it on massage;
someone took a bodily ladle and stirred up all my deepshit
then I'm sposed to sit through 5 hours of meets?
I ought to know better.

so I applied myself to work, and friends,
and did well for myself,

denise has so many lessons

don't mistake intensity for intimacy

mindfulness is detachment,
use that space to examine yer motives

she worked out today,
she feels like she had baseballs sewn into her calves.

donnan calls,
old friends plugging away at new stuff
his senior project,
analyzing sun's uv rays passing through urban smog air
how different fuels and chemicals can change air chemistry and light intensity
numerical, not graphical output,
programming in c and fortran
combination environmentalism, geo physics, and computer science.
how nineties.

considering some sexy chat with someone,
I ask them,
do you log on to spacebar?
and then I think,
I love caleb, but do I want him reading my id?
especially as unrestrained as it can be from the pure mind end of electric sex
so I'm wondering where can be found an anonymous hourly rate private chat room somewhere
the god damned internet is too small.
maybe l should try lambdaMOO.

meanwhile I'm searching for links for david,
I arrive at benny hinn's page
and my hard on immediately evaporates.

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