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sept 22

sunday, you woke up in the cold dew done morning
the renaissance faire rises
so many people shaking off hung over and dusty
black snot in the not yet sone
brushing your teeth near a privy

I found from a friend a half a recreational zoloft
made me feel sluggish, or the lack of sleep
though the sleeping bag lent was far warmer than sockless clothing

addled thus I wandered the fair, and found page
a cosmic capricorn uh streamer
there's whole races of people who barely touch the planet
they live in eden, northern california
but she and I agreed,
late in the century, next 4 years, it's gone be time to leave
we just argued over which spirit calendar to use.

she was crazy, like with light green eyes,
done look slightly waterly
lookin' up at me and smilin'
she thought I had an old soul, and some other spirit shit
I thought she was attractive
or something - made my hmmm boil
even jes once she grab my ahrm
made me feel reel good, on the inside

so she's lahk 28, or somthin'
I thought we wuz havin' some serious sparks
so she might come down to visit
if her crazy self can remember this beautiful boy

anyways, I found a nother friend
far more direct, miss kelly is
funny, hanging with people with people they used to be sleepin's with
like kelly and jory
he was tiired as it was, and she wasn't doin' nothin' to pep him up.
I had a hard time makin' her feel useful
she stuck ice down my shirt
she's got a lot of fun, for someone
she's hongry.

me, I came back to old man rheingold's
we wuz good to see eachother's
I worked on his sukkah
he took me to dinner
with his weerd friends
robin, she took lots of pictures during the whole dinner
even I'm not that brazen
I giss the diffrince is in the publishin'

I took the bus home, worked on my book some
up to 47oo or so werds now.
fell asleep, no socks is cold
figured out if I dropped my pants down to where my boxers starts
I could at least cover my feet.

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