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nov 2

I advise jim on writing some sort of new cyborganic manifesto
he advises me on business card design

something satisfying about doing desktop publishing layout in pagemaker 4.0
I was using this same software to lay out high school literary magazines with jeeks in 1992.
and I just now discovered how to maintain aspect ratio while resizing pictures - hold down the shift key. like in photoshop.

no one seems to be hanging out much in spacebar today.

dine on fridge scavengings
ahi jerky and rice cakes
soy milk with hot water tastes good.

4.30 am at kinkos' the latest rev of business cards
sometimes I come here just for the people
there are none
but a guy with big hair and elfin shoes who has to unlock the door for me
"bathroom break" he sez

4 am arrival at kinko's copies
and 4.45 at home, man that's late

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