this shit is utterly and totally whack. this guy is an utter freak. this is justin. he is suspended naked over new york. he just dropped a caera into his stomach - video. he is making the audience cringe. over and over again. it is delightful. people are applauding the inside of his bowels on video. please log this for later. * You are being *beeped* by jory/star bellied /, Sending private message back to jory. Msg: ill email it to you. adress. Message sent to jory. /, Sending private message back to jory. Msg: you know you can do command K Message sent to jory. /, Sending private message back to jory. Msg: ahh justin Message sent to jory. he keeps talking about "the body" referring to himself. he's talking about drugs that dry up his stomach for better footage, but side effect is amnesia and bbc officials found out and bagged. "not extractable, thatone would have been a free standing piece" "you could, in fact, choreograph all of your limbs" he let people in helsinki, france and netherlands steer his muscles over the internet while he was in frankfurt. "becomes a host for a cluster of remote agents" I think a split physiciality would be an advantage. the right side locally collaborating with the left side remotely controlled. or other intruiging feedback loops possible." he's talking about steering masturbation remotely. yeah but now it';s standing in front of me. this guy is a head of his time. a head. a big penis head of his time. driven to penetrate the skin pbarrier with technological semen. fucker's wack. it takes a strange genius to make that cyubernetics shit real - at this early stage. "body beta" body, 0.8 "I realized my third hand was doing a 300 degree rotation on her left breast - all I could do was apologize that the tactile feedback system wasn't turned on" taking things out of context is fast and fun, no? yah, that too. I would be dissapointed if you weren't at all amused. some frat guy just got his hand involuntarily moved my a machine. he's freakin' slightly. he's got four folks on stage involutary jerking their arms. students. wired to a little box "squirting 120 volts into their nerve endings" jory[priv]> I don't know where it is tho. he's citing parkinson's as an example of "machinic" involuntary movement. you can resist it at a certain voltage"