i used to keep a daily journal online.
it durn near killt me.

sun in his eyes

Date: Sun, 2 Mar 1997 23:33:01 -0500
From: justin
Subject: biblio

twas an honour and a priveldge to engage your minds - thanks for your time last weekend. I look forward to further communication -

towards that end, and recognizing that I might inhabit sprawl differently, or different sprawl than some of you,

I present a brief listing, bibliography that will likely be extended; these I can immediately vouch for, and recommend.

I subscribe to a number of internet newsletters, few of which I read. the one I do read religiously is "the drudge report" - a sharp tongued feed from the media biz and politics frenzy of new york, los angeles, and washington d.c. this guy, matt drudge, scoops all my friends and since subscribing I have seen his name and his newsletter cited in professional media. this is the best of the internet: a lone rapid disseminator of tasteful info-treats from a broad swath of streams. his web site is up at http://www.drudgereport.com/, e-mail subscription information should be there - it might cost money by now.

the other newsletter I subscribe to but read far less often is the "red rock eater" - another sole dissemination. this one is inclined towards social causes and internet sociology; the posts tend toward the long and frequent. available through http://communication.ucsd.edu/pagre/rre.html

I suggest you filter both of these - if you don't know how to filter with your email software, I strongly recommend you pursue it. it has improved my quality of life in so many ways.

web sites,
for visual and technology fun I like "fray" - http://www.fray.com/ the creator, derek p, pushes the boundaries of the medium in a most bandwidth friendly fashion.
for the seething side of sprawl, how youth or other discluded folk might revel in technology based lawlessness, try http://www.beatthief.com/
I am a fiend for new software and tehcnology news - I limit my scope somewhat to the mac. for those of us with the pariahed 'puters, I recommend http://www.macintouch.com/ and http://www.versiontracker.com/ - both of these could keep you on the bleeding edge.
if you're interested in getting a taste of my web work, I suggest you start with either my autobiography page, http://www.links.net/vita/, or an introduction I rigged up back when I had snakes on my head: http://www.links.net/re/intro.html

musically, I recommend the sounds of beautiful technology future, slightly eerie and definately alluring, the best "trance" I own is by "off and gone," their album I like is called "everest."
as for the pace of the new world I find only art tatum can keep up; he is the best muscian of the century. I recommend his decca solo work from 1940.

i do still read books, recently I finished "city of quartz", by mike davis.
some of you have already heard of it; a rhetorically delightful, bitter marxist survey of los angeles as the city of the future. I have been recommended "jihad vs. mcworld' by benjamin r. barber by so many cool people that I bought it to read over spring break in daytona beach - wish me luck.

finally, I wish to share this headline from the top of the drudge report the day i returned; (philip k. dick might be grinning in his grave).

"Vatican calls for global ban on human cloning..."

i look forward to yer recent readings and recommendations -

and yester: a sick poem

bitchin' bandwidth: c y b o r g a n i c