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june 20

the car is gone, but baby i'm movin'!

maybe you can fix the volva, but you can't fix the dream that is today codified in my heart. great gosh alrighty - it's been a long time comin'!

yee haw!

today was a proverbial kind of day.

i'll start with the rolling stone part; seth, david, elly, amy and i, en route to nadine's for a few dozen people on 22 acres in the santa cruz mountains, celebrating the solstice. cruising in the old almond coloured volvo down past redwood city clunking starts a clunkin' and then some smoke and whoo boy the car coasted to a graceful, and grateful end on the side of the road. (having seen X-Files the movie at 10am with steve rhodes (more below) - i was glad the car didn't explode, but i still urged everyone out. after making it from foster city/hillsdale to belmont on the advice of a mechanic i tipped 100%, we failed again and had to be towed. no party! only a personal solstice, here, slightly stranded with no car. and radiator leaks and coolant problems and a possible investment beyond the value of the car looming large for monday morning. whoo! boy!

so i am want to say, there's an upside. but the upside may have already come;

ulnate we were run late and stuck in so much traffic and took so long to travel because we went to see this 10am flik with steve and then dropped him off in berkeley. and as we were driving i got to thinking, steve is quite prolly the media saaviest dude i know, and i want him to write a newsletter. so as i was urging him to think beyond unemployment to donating his repetative strain injury to notifying me, i was reminded of an age old goal of my own - to foster my friends' creativity. these folks i know, they're all brilliant commentators on something. they make something in their freetime, often beautiful hot air.

and i'd like to start some kind of zine to give them a place to do it!

i need to find a revenue model, but i do have a few bucks from this, and my job, so maybe i can finance the beginnings of something that will work online like some of my prior employers haven't: hotwired wanted to be webbish, but started with a dozen plus folks in one room with expensive computers. eminds was the same way - they were spending too much money all along, when it takes mostly time to build a good web site.

so now i got something i can believe in - soliticing articles and assistance from familiars to put together something online that suits my tastes, and then in a few weeks, standing back and seeing what i got, and maybe promoting it some, and selling some ads, and then i'll get some money back to my friends. amy argues in favour of the barter system - it's really that way things work best for our generation, to paraphrase her. value for value - money corrupts things. so what can i offer people? persistant solicitation, for one. a platform. editing? brainstorming. web lessons. maybe some of my own money.

but this is energizing. i love my friends, and i relish a project that can pull them in. inviting people on my zdtv show is all nice and all, but not until october, and then only in five minute chunks. i have had a hard time motivating myself to get pumped about something so postponed and distant and embedded - this is media i can make. whoo hoo! webmastering again! something big! something that's gonna start small - only the people are big! big with my love! i'm a gonna edit the whole thing, make pieces connect to one another. update it several times a day. i'm a gonna use emacs on the whole thing! maybe i'll even have some conferencing!

tv - that's nice to learn, but publishing people i respect, that'sa mya destinya!

i have such irregular and illtempered and often flakey friends! what a great group to ask for content! and i will be so ready to call them - finally something i can sell! no money involved!

it'sa gonna come! justa you wait anda see!

today's muzzik:

there's a party in my mind, and i hope it never stops.

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