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july 15


i grun and beer it i did, i came in early to the tv station and i put in some extra time trying to figure things out and when they didn't exactly work i cooperated and fudged things and used elly's resume as an example of resumes online and told storys about bean eaters.

things are okay with compromise and i'm still learning. having an idealistic conflict is important to note, and write about, but learning requires sacrifice. jeez, the alternative is standing in place.

a zdtv shuttle driver today said that the zdtv people are nice, but the one thing is that zdtv people, they talk to you a lot when they're alone, but they won't even acknowledge you (the driver) when they're with others. hmph.

but everyone was nice to me today. gosh bless america. happy birthday jim, my hand still smarts from spanking.

today's muzzik:

the sound of the blessed fan working to clear out the oakland heat. we thought it broken for so long!

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