november 8

try this - sit somewhere you can watch modern multicultural humanity stride or stroll by, and picture yourself pleasantly in bed with each one of them. you'll be surprised how sexy mousy gals, or older men, even bearded ones, will seem. and old ladies, probably so soft. everyone has their own little sexquirk - it's fun to imagine the penis dance of the skinny stockbroker, or the saucy teasing of the woman in sports apparel. it's a very warm thing to do - realize that everyone is sexy somehow. certainly you're no less oddly attractive!

today, with dominic's able help, i installed my desk. i purchased a solid core door and sanded it, stained it blue and varnished it, and now it shines plasticy tranquility lilac woodgrain under my progress here onscreen. tomorrow i'll nail a keyboard tray on, and find two naked wood shelves to stain also and fortify either end.

hello dude colin calls - eric kleinenberg tells him i was on npr. i search the web site, and holy doug englebart, there i am:

"Rick and Renee talk about three web sites that intrigued them this week. ... is Justin Allyn Hall's diary site, important in web history since it's been active since the early 80s."

from anthem. what a nice way to think about my site!

i'm listening to joe frank, selections - a fast computer, a good enough connection, real audio and npr makes me pretty happy. sunday nights GK and i listened to joe frank in high school together from our homes.