stimulated! coming back from rheingold's - good chums, good grub. good grubbing - maime gave her report on truffles twice to the benefit of the most late staying. arrived home to Linux and loved it - man is this operating system stable! it woke up immediately, flashed me the TechLotus background ready for fifteen windows of HTML and web page bliss. I posted a note to about a linux web page editor. if there ain't one, i'd love to build one with someone. worked on the index. wilson sent me a drawing to use as the logo. don't really have regular access to a scanner - he demands some immediate attention, he's good like that. he's audibly reluctant to send his work into a justin blackhole. meanwhile my long distance service has been disconnected due to bill neglect.

anyways, stimulated one feels ready to address so much but there is still the sink full of dishes and the personal web page that will absorb all my writing
Justin's Links is an honest and heartwarming introduction to a young man excited about many various parts of living.

and i was meditating on the way home, i really enjoyed talking with maime about her presentation and wouldn't it be fun to teach high schoolers? but i would be dangerous to kids talking about so much weird stuff on my web page maybe i should represent myself as a family appropriate guy - the sex and drugz stuff is only there