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29 march

gk just left from visiting. it was great to see him, my oldest friend. and meet his current cohort - tom the artiste of the old gcj graffiti look, and vasso - GK brought his bartender - a tough kind chick.

and donnan just before him. donnan came and we ate organic veggies and told stories. gk arrived with 2 liters of early times burbon and coke and total 160 ounces of malt liquor. they were drinking when they landed and they complained until they drank again, each day they were here. so that was a different side of things!

i took them both on mission-street tours
when people visit san francisco i love to take them to mission & 16th for the high energy hit. before i get there, if i'm tired, walking around there just picks my energy right up. sunshine, ten varieties of weirdos all bouncing off each other, threat of imminent offers for shit you'd rather avoid, potential combat and odd smells.
gk and vasso and tom were hankering for bars - we toured (la rondalla, nearly El Rio ("Your Dive" - last visited as "deep mission club") that charged a cover too objectionable to some in our group so an older wide faced black woman rescued us into a true dive next door, NAPS #2 on mission @ precita. customers there receive free hot dogs and the drinks were just too goddamn strong. and they had an outdoor patio where we might enjoy the music you had to pay to hear next door! hah hah!

between houseguests and amy's project, staying up to help her, shopping and drinking with friends, i am worn down, still sick and out of the loop! more internet work ahead! ahoy!

and more houseguests...

(i wrote a lot more about saturday)

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