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8 may:

Digital Video Cameras are very popular it seems
all over the world - they're hot

panasonic video bullet here starting at $1200
The Sony standup beauty is $1799
Panasonic has a new shape -
like holding a massive video bullet
very nice feel, grippable - $1592

If you really want to haggle over features, etc. buy in Japan - more selection and features built in.

Sony's releasing something with the excellent form factor of the Panasonic
TOV8 - $1507
TOV10 - $1720 - this camera has built in PC connecting functionality

Then I discover the perfect miracle for this technology -
PC Memory sticks.
Don't buy a digital video camera without a slot
(unless you gettin' a darn good deal)
so far the limit is 16 megabytes - 128 megs planned by years end.
(how many megabytes on the little tapes?)

Sony Line-In PAL camera, 3CCD
with memory stick
DCR-TRV 900 $2579
with a photo button for still shots
in camera effects like fade and negative/solarize

all pro cameras have black and white viewfinder for adjusting contrast
amy asks, how do you colour balance?  in post?
why not have the option to switch display?

Panasonic has more features
Sony has better lenses and more resolution.

I need a camera
big as a deck cards
w/ screen viewfinder and memory sticks

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