Subject: web99 art update: and i just can't hide it
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 13:56:14 -0700
From: Justin Hall
To: Natasha, Crystal, Eric
BCC: jrw, tricia

you guys -

i'm very excited - talking to these artists and seeing their works (Even if only jpegs) gives me a vision for the space - I think people will come to the online lounge and have their curiosity rewarded by visual delights and bizarre objects.


i just got off the phone with two bay area artists, and I think we could have some truly beautiful and astonishing sculptures for the online lounge.

One, Mike Kendall, - he makes large sculptures out of found objects - machines. some do things - play videos, make noises. some are tall - like 6 or 7 feet, so they will be easy to see. they sound beautiful and technological and maybe interactive and he can give us a few and he even has his own van to get them to moscone.

Two, Larry Swidler, he's a freestyle glass blower. he's making large solid glass heads, with dense patterns in them. a foot tall or so - with bases, total 18 inches high. He says we should put the pieces up on risers and have them at a little below eye level and people can actually touch them. !
he says when he looks at them, his gut reaction is "technological"
he asks about insurance - not because the pieces are easy to knock over, but because if someone hit them with a lead pipe, they would be damaged. What's our insurance policy for loaned web99 artworks?


I have a painting that's a witty take on technology by a friend. It's about four feet by two feet, so it's pretty easy to see, if you stand in front of it. The artist is Carew.

Wilson Kello, a painter and illustrator on the east coast, he's got a large technology-themed painting with pieces embedded that we could have for the show, if we can cover the cost of shipping.

I'm still on the hunt for 2D works...


the artists who have ideas for rooms, or spaces, or areas of the online lounge, they need to see the space and talk to Natasha I think - just to be sure that if they are going to do something that intense, there is full GES approval and an appropriate sense of the possibilities and limitations.

I've got a few artists ready to visit Moscone, some on Wednesday, after the meeting - so you can all meet them if you like!

Mark Meadows, of, he's got some installation ideas that will probably need GES approval - he's got a roboticist working with him! He's busy Wednesday - I'll hopefully coordinate another day with you Natasha that we can talk.

It's all terribly exciting for me - this is shaping up to be a bitchin' party!

The first two weekends in June are "East Bay Open Studios" where you can get a map and drive around Oakland and Berkley visiting artists in their studios. I went last year - it was great. I'll go again this year and maybe I'll be able to turn up some more 2D and maybe 3D works for the online lounge. Y'all might like to go, just cuz!

I look forward to next wednesday - I guess the time was changed.