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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1996

>Yeah, so I asked for advice several weeks ago about Chicago.  It was pretty
>good.  Anyway, now I'm thinking of moving to San Fran in the next 18 months
>and I wanted your insight.  I graduated 2 years ago with a degree in American
>History, slightly above average intelligence, new interest in computers,
>experience underwriting personal lines insurance.
>Q: should I move?
chicago is great, san francisco is differently great. more freaks out here, people try harder, they've lost their past in a way they haven't in the midwest.

for some people that's liberating, for some sickening.

it can be fun, it can be fake.

>Q: could I get a job in San Francisco?

there's a ton of overqualified folks doing shit work in this neck of the woods because the real estate is saught after. this is one of the three most expensive cities in the country.

there are a lot of multimedia startup firms looking to employ html programmers, unix geeks, etc. so if you have computer skills you should be able to find some shaky job prospects.

>So uh, tell me whass up; if ya gots the time, of course.

If you want it, you want it bad, you can make it. there's room for you out here. it might hurt, be a struggle, but isn't anything great?

try looking under yahoo, under san fran, for the San Francisco Bay Guardian. That's a free paper that I look at now and then, if they have their classified advertisements online you might be able to get a sense of what apartment hunting will be like, etc.

otherwise, browse san fran web pages, there's a lot of them out there, and they might give you some sense of this place's character.


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