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blue paige teasers

blue paigers Danny Vinik, Tucson host during my '96 road trip, asked me to take an early look at his book coming to press - Blue Paige. And if I had anything to say about it, I should send it along to him for the back cover.

There was much to be said about it - I was delighted to have the chance to participate in something this wild. He selected the quote about the cultural imaginings of late capitalism for the lead quote on the back cover! with Leslie Marmon Silko - I was in good company.

Here's everything I had to say about the book:

danny -

i was honoured by your request for me to send some short book teasers. it took me a little while to get away and read the book

but here you are - i had a good time!

southwestern porno scifi - hot like chilis or sex in a stolen car; Danny Vinik's BP reminds me of old friends ahead of the crowd but too dangerous to live with.

beyond LA to the pornographic heart of the americas, churning earth and bodies to find itself on thhe frontier of the mind, acting through horrific historical consciousness predetermined, DV's BP slaps its large black plastic cock down thick on your table.

the perfect book for our time - or just beyond it; DV hovers on the edge striking at all propriety and private thought to reveal the inevitable lurid imaginings of late capitalism.

a confusion of modern indulgences: drugs, technology, sex, satellites and symbols, but still grounded in the 2nd oldest earth - land and man before time discovered them.

this novel consumes flesh and drugs but remains insecure - its what allows us to journey into the sacred and sacrelicious southwest with DV, a now and then sober guide trying to make sense of his notes and affiliations.

this book knows intimately an ugly side of life and wants to share; the confusion is engaging as is the spectacle of timeless true hedonism by a cast of modern mongrels who are dealing with the weight of their cultural inheritances and latent hatreds.

feel free to mix and match, and let me know if you need anything else.

there may be more to come - thanks for the chance to read it!


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