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Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer

thank the lord for alexander supertramp;
I can live my possessionless into the wilderness fantasies through him.

I don't much read beyond school or the screen too often, but this came twice recommended, and fell into my hands through some cosmic propinquity. It's the story of a college graduated fellow with a lot of money who gives it all away to live as a vagabond, travelling around the west coast by car and foot, ending up in Alaska where he dies from starvation. And I'm just one half through it.

I was recommended it by Don Willmott

given it by Sara Baker at Simon & Schuster
thre were so many books
it added special relevance to his persuit of the one.

Actually this kid (for he died at 24) read a lot of Russian novels, which I find admirable and telling.

enthusiasm? idealism? To get a sense of his determination, check outthe gift giving passage (3rd chapter) - web folks take me out and then I feel bought.

HotWired called him a Hungry Soul,

but the capturing quote came from MetroActive;

For McCandless, rejecting mainstream society doesn't mean publishing a zine. being idealistic, I can't help but hold myself up to his standard. Am I living to help enough people? I don't want to compete with him, but he sets a tough example. Outside magazine was the site of the major media blowout article, and accordingly has the best continuing coverage online, including interviews with the author and photographs of Chris.

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