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19 march, 1996

c r u m b.

a trip

I like movies that take me somewhere
this one took me to the asshole of the world

not that I wouldn't recommend it
somewhere we need to go

a good fifth the swatties assembled

left before the end
somewhere between
I can't even
suffering made personal
made media
made me think about my web pages

he draws his family shit
and this guy makes a movie exposure of sickness
one brother kills himself a year later
robert is said to dispair
obscene portraiture

hard when someone else holds the pen

I found my media making affirmed

you may doubt your psyche
his questionable gender politics
hell, he unabashed surreal mysogeny
and his huge penis

but he did it anyways
any ethics require sacrifice
that's what kohlberg sez

fortunately, my pornography is more cryptic

or something
less scatalogical

but can be a matter of sacrifice
other folks for honest art

bringing their soul into his creation he liberated
old girlfriends quite emboldened
by his honest caricature

he drew my butt the way it looked
forced me to recognize it, appreciate it
like he did
like I appreciated that filmic snapshot.
but it was so loaded, almost over the top
pathological and detached.


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