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In January 1999 I had the chance to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. I was a subject of a documentary showing there - Home Page by Doug Block. He brought me in to appear at screenings, and in between those screenings I had the chance to see a few other films.

Autumn Heart

a sassy film exploring american family drama that neatly skirts cheese.

Regret to Inform

A fantastic reconciliation.

La Ciudad

an unfliching glimpse into the shadows of contemporary american immigrant life.

Silvia Prieto

Goddard in Argentina - a stream of semi-sequitor scenes involving a loosely associated group of meandering youngsters in Buenos Aires. The title character is a charming eccentric whose deadpan attitude towards the world is not enough to propell a compelling story arch. it's fun to watch her give up pot and chop up chicken after chicken, but the relentless distance from motivation leaves all the characters eventually causing sleep. (but i haven't seen slacker). perhaps this is a stirringly accurate portrayal of distended city life amidst national anomie for recent argentinian twentysosos? (1/24/99)

Cookie's Fortune

Robert Altman's latest - the crown jewel premiere of this festival. A small work - a short story in a small town with a tight cast. enjoyable and laughable throughout - the rhythms of the southern town are eminently appreciable and even reassuring to the point of being homey. This film seems as though it was made by a family, or by small towners - it's charming. it's cute. it ain't challenging many conventions that i can see. Except the portrayal of race is here perhaps notably evolved beyond Driving Miss Daisy, the last movie I saw with a black guy taking care of an old white lady. (1/21/99)

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