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playing favourites

these musicians muziks have make my life better, long term like:

decca solo work - art tatum
prolly the most proficient musician of the twentieth century - he inspired charlie parker's speed. he plays so well alone, you'd swear there was a team of pianists. not only complex and artfully dodging, but harmonically transcendent - in ticklingly quick moments. sheer delight!

hot rats - frank zappa
easily a frank zappa best, if not a great all time jazz album. elaborate and coherent.

nothing's shocking - janes addiction
the eighties best band perched between raw and polished - an extremely well produced, most inciting album.

kind of blue - miles davis
miles gets modal - subtle moods that don't stop for the shakin' moments. a jazz emotive high point.

electric ladyland - jimi hendrix
from raunchy to refined with a musical master - transmissions from a spirit-plane that won't fail to shimmy the hips.

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