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Porno for Pyros

Porno for Pyros

Porno For Pyros
Cursed Female
Cursed Male
Bad Shit
Packin' .25
Black Girlfriend
Blood Rag

Porno For Pyros: Perry Farrell (vocals), Peter DiStefano (guitar), Martyn Le Noble (bass), Stephen Perkins (drums, percussion).

Additional personnel: Matt Hyde.

Recorded at Crystal Studios, Los Angeles, California in the summer of 1992.

All songs written by Porno For Pyros.

Perry Ferrell and Stephen Perkins are former members of Jane's Addiction.


Rolling Stone (7/8/93, p.114) - 3 Stars - Good - "...dabbles in straightforward song styles, but not for long--this is one impatient record, leaping from angst to resignation to fury within a few bars....Like L.A. itself, Perry Farrell's mind may not be pretty, but it's worth a visit..."

Spin (4/93, p.100) - "...The die-hard [Jane's Addiction] fan will fall instantly in love with this LP..."

Q Magazine (6/93, p.106) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...takes off exactly where Jane's Addiction left off...Farrell's performance reinstates him not as Lollapalooza's wise elder statesman but as its wild and irresponsible spirit. May he never mature..."

Melody Maker (4/24/93, p.32) - "...Perry Farrell is on the edge, whether he knows it or not..."

New Musical Express (4/23/93, p.31) - (6) - Good - "...There is light and shade [on PORNO FOR PYROS], but Ferrell could still benefit from doing a Rollins and pushing his wired machismo into warm, hilarious self-parody ..."

Entertainment Weekly (5/7/93, p.55) - "...the most compelling album [singer] Farrell has ever made....Everything on PORNO FOR PYROS sounds squalid and back-alley...Grinding wah-wah guitars and clanky, trash-can- style drumming heighten the creepy-crawly atmosphere...." - Rating: B+

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