Hello Ranchers!  Lollapalooza is pleased to announce the
beginning of operations for TEETH, a multi-media magnetic field designed to raise
the earth's frequency up to paradise.  The ant hill is stocked with color-
short films, god's music, live broadcasts, open forums, photographs
and scrolls of information on interstellar travel, shucking oysters,
underwear and everything in between.
We begin our ascent 1999 years after the first occupation of Jerusalem.
Our intent is to become devoted followers of the...

...human instinct, gather up the world's delicaacies and have
a picnic.  Unnecessary frequencies and all middlemen have been omitted.  We are you!
Cooperate.  Commune.  Submit photos, requests for information and entertainment,
home videos of your pets and your alien encounters, strange sounds you've
recorded, your big ideas or pages from your diary-
anything that's close to your heart.  
If it tells us where we're at, then we'll tell...
oyster says ...you where you can find it (on our site).
Remember, consciousness is evolving at the speed of information.  The future
is now.  There's no such thing as a monkey.  See you in, oh...
About a month.