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A Sagittarius; someone with more expertise than I has analyzed his chart.

Sometimes I do a quick listen, or I'll see some video, and it's obvious that he was a fuck-master, and liked to prove it - guitar as wank.

The more I listen to his music, a deeper listen yeilds the sacred behind the profane - less of it is about foxy ladies and more about spirit mood.

A virtuoso, that is certain.

More than that, he envisioned music as a healing, unifying

Listening to Electric LadyLand on acid was profound. It was like going to church and taking sacrament. Later I met a Holy Spirit enthusiast who felt strong feelings for Jimi as well.

The best Jimi Hendrix I have is from my friend Cam. He strung together a collection of Jimi's cosmic guitar wanderings and down home blues on a single cassette that I was sad to lose sometime during my senior year in college.

The self-styled Official Jimi Hendrix home page has some juicy stuff, thoroughly weaved together and well presented.

Fly On, a fan's tribute, is differently thorough. That's where I got the .gif at the top.

Some more rare Jimi materials at Jimi Hendrix in the UK, including death details, rare photos, and a roadie diary. Popular guy!

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